You become the average of the five people you
spend the most time with

So why not surround yourself with the best people. We're always looking for smart,
hard working men and women to create awesome digital products together!


Our Mind

Precision & Strategy

Our Heart

Passion & Enthusiasm

Our Muscles

Energy & Persistence

Create Greatness

All this is only possible because of YOU. If you are like we you know
that you are in this world to make something special. To be different.
Join our team and let’s create greatness together.

Why Work For Digital Dynamite

  • Shape The World

    The future is digital. Do you want to
    be a consumer or a creator? Do you
    want to watch the game or play?

  • Shape The Future

    Find out what you really love. Live
    the kind of life and do the kind of
    things you want to do.

  • Have Fun

    One of the biggest challenges when
    we grow up is to take things seriously
    while at the same time enjoying

Find Out If You Fit In

Watch the video, select your answer ans see your result.

What’s your answer?

  • I feel highly motivated
    stay hungry and foolish!

  • I feel nothing
    only hard work matters!

  • I have my own ideas
    following leaders is for the weak!

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Digital Dynamite is a development agency based in
Berlin, Europe, specialising in B2B software