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From Nitroglycerin to Digital Dynamite - Nitroglycerin


Where Does The Name Come From?

Dynamite means to bring well-known compounds together in an innovative way and
transform them into something extraordinarily powerful.

We live in the fastest changing world the human history has ever seen. We serve companies worldwide to break through stagnancy and mediocrity and move them up to their fullest potential.

So What is Digital Dynamite Doing?

The Right Components And Technology

We help transforming your business from unstable nitroglycerin into efficient, digital dynamite. Using our knowledge and experience we create optimal chemical composition that allows to explode your potential.

We bring offline online. Let’s digitize together.

A lot of companies in the B2B area do not connect to the digital world sufficiently or not at all – wasting their full technical and economical potential. It’s time to catch up.

We do not buy. We invest. In your idea.

You are a smart guy having a good idea, branch-specific expertise or even a prototype – but you lack the resources? We invest in new business opportunities and make it happen.

  • Idea

    Identifying market

  • Development

    Developing highly customized
    solutions including Frontend,
    Backend, CRM and SEO.

  • Launch

    Put it on the market and see
    how the world reacts to your

  • Scale

    Make your service accessible
    to the full range of your target

Our Mission

Changing Digital World By
Bold & Focused Action

We live in the fastest changing world the human history has ever seen.
The future will belong to those who fearlessly embrace the constant
change and actively create new circumstances and technologies. We
serve clients worldwide to break through stagnancy and mediocrity
and move up to their fullest potential.

Core Values

Everything of real significance needs time and discipline to cultivate. In the end it is the accumulation of small everyday’s tasks which decide over victory or defeat. We don’t accept laziness in us and our coworkers. Hard Work
We treat our coworkers, clients and loved ones with honesty. We only give promises we can keep later. Honesty
The right decision are often difficult and harsh. It means to face reality as it is and not as we wish it to be. If you never feel your palms getting sweaty then you live in your comfort zone. Boldness

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Digital Dynamite is a development agency based in
Berlin, Europe, specialising in B2B software